November 10-13 2014

MGM Grand

Las Vegas, Nevada


Scott Guthrie


Executive Vice President, Microsoft Cloud and Enterprise group


Steve Guggenheimer


Corporate Vice President of Microsoft's Developer & Platform Evangelism (DPE) Group


Scott Hanselman


Principal Community Architect for Web Platform and Tools


John Papa


Kimberly L. Tripp



Dan Holme




Richard Campbell

.NET Rocks! / RunAs Radio


Michele Leroux Bustamante


CIO & Architect


Rob Lefferts


Director of Program Management for the Office APPS Team


    Welcome to DEVintersection, a premier conference with several co-located events across many platforms and technologies.

    At DEVintersection, you'll learn the latest in Visual Studio,, Microsoft Azure, SQL Server, SharePoint and Office 365. In addition you can participate in our co-located <anglebrackets/> conference and learn the latest in web development.

    Early Bird

    Attendees who register by June 2, 2014 for a show package will receive a choice of a Surface 2, XBOX ONE or $300 MGM Grand gift card.

    Top 10 Reasons to attend

    Discover why you should attend DEVintersections with our Top 10 Reasons to Attend!

    More quality sessions, industry gurus and your favorite Microsoft speakers than any other event out there this Fall. Compare before investing your time and training dollars.

    A conference to get a unique perspective from both Microsoft and industry experts out in the trenches.

    Bonus "Simply Apps" track delivered by Microsoft’s Modern App team; access to <anglebrackets/> sessions.

    Register for a "Show Package" by June 2 and get a choice of a choice of a Surface 2, XBOX ONE or $300 MGM Grand gift card. A show package is the full conference plus one or more optional workshops.

    You get 5 conferences for the price of one, each with their own set of experts and sessions offering opportunities to cross over.

    Only the top presenters will be here sharing real-world solutions and techniques to sharpen your skills for instant ROI. Check out this 32-page brochure for all your favorites.

    Multiple opportunities to meet and network with your favorite industry experts will be scheduled in informal settings.

    Keynotes and direct interaction with Microsoft execs like Scott Guthrie, Corporate VP, Windows Azure, Microsoft, Jay Schmelzer, Microsoft Director of Program Management, Visual Studio and Scott Hanselman, Principal Community Architect for Web Platform and Tools.

    No one is alone at this event. We will make it easy via your phone and meet-up locations to connect with other attendees and speakers. When the sun goes down you have many options from jam sessions, hackathons, game idol contests, open spaces to group discounted show & concert tickets.

    At Intersection events, every attendee is a VIP and part of our growing community.

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