DevIntersection Speaker Todd Anglin

Todd Anglin, VP of HTML5 Web & Mobile Tools, Telerik

Todd Anglin is Executive Vice President of Cross Platform Tools and Services at Telerik, a leading global vendor of development, team productivity, and automated testing tools. He is responsible for Telerik's growing line of tools for web and mobile app development, including Kendo UI and AppBuilder. He leads a global team of engineers, evangelists, and business analysts and oversees the design, creation, sales, and support of Telerik's industry leading HTML/JavaScript tools. Todd is an active author and speaker, focusing on technologies like HTML5, JavaScript, and CSS. He is a Microsoft MVP, ASP Insider, founder and President of the North Houston .NET Users Group, and an O'Reilly author.

Website: www.telerik.com www.kendoui.com
Twitter: @toddanglin

DevIntersection Speaker Rey Bango

Rey Bango, Director, Developer Relations, Telerik

Rey Bango is the Director, Developer Relations at Telerik. Rey focuses on building awareness to cross-platform development and helping Telerik meet the needs of its developer community. In addition, Rey is editor for Nettuts, frequent speaker and a former member of the jQuery JavaScript project.

DevIntersection Speaker Ward Bell

Ward Bell, IdeaBlade

Ward Bell is V.P. of Technology at IdeaBlade, makers of BreezeJS, a library for data management in JavaScript client applications. BreezeJS

DevIntersection Speaker Brian Benz

Brian Benz, Sr. Technical Evangelist, Microsoft Open Technologies, Inc.

Brian is a Senior Technical Evangelist for Microsoft Open Technologies, Inc., a subsidiary of Microsoft Corporation. Brian is a frequent speaker and author for open source, big data and the cloud, including conferences and seminars for IBM, Deloitte, Microsoft and others. He has 20+ years IT and business experience, with a deep background in open source starting in the late 1980s. His prior experience includes developing, promoting and delivering big data solutions on open source and proprietary platforms for IBM, Deloitte and others.

DevIntersection Speaker Shayne Boyer

Shayne Boyer

Shayne Boyer is a Solutions Architect with over 15 years experience working with Microsoft based solutions. He holds MCP Microsoft Certification, is an INETA community speaker, a Telerik MVP and Nokia Developer Champion. Over the past 10 years he has lead development teams working on enterprise solutions with a focus on productivity, performance and sustainability. Shayne often publishes content on ASP.NET, TypeScript, Node.js, Azure Mobile Services as well Client Development for Windows 8 and Windows Phone.

Twitter: @spboyer

DevIntersection Speaker Michele Leroux Bustamante

Michele Leroux Bustamante, CIO & Architect, Solliance

Michele Leroux Bustamante is CIO at Solliance (solliance.net), and Founder of Snapboard (snapboard.com, a Solliance product) a professional content curation tool. She is also Microsoft Regional Director and a Microsoft MVP. Michele has over 20 years specializing in scalable and secure end-to-end system design, identity and access management, and cloud computing technologies and dev ops - for companies of all sizes. Michele shares her experiences through presentations and keynotes all over the world, and has been publishing regularly in technology journals her entire career. Michele wrote the best-selling book ''Learning WCF'' (O'Reilly 2007).

Blog: michelebusta.com
Twitter @michelebusta

DevIntersection Speaker Richard Campbell

Richard Campbell, .NET Rocks! / RunAs Radio

Richard Campbell is one of the co-founders of Strangeloop Networks and today serves as product evangelist, introducing the company's unique story to advisors, investors, patent attorneys, beta-customer candidates, potential employees, etc. Richard has more than 30 years of high-tech experience and is both a Microsoft Regional Director and Microsoft Most Valuable Professional (MVP). In addition to speaking at conferences around the world, Richard is co-host of .NET Rocks! (www.dotnetrocks.com) and the host of RunAs Radio (www.runasradio.com).

DevIntersection Speaker Miguel Castro

Miguel Castro, Architect

Whether playing on the local Radio Shack's TRS-80 or designing systems for clients around the globe, Miguel has been writing software since he was 12 years old. He keeps himself heavily involved in every aspect, layer, nook, and cranny of app development and would not have it any other way.

DevIntersection Speaker Douglas Crockford

Douglas Crockford, eBay, Inc.

Douglas Crockford was born in the wilds of Minnesota, but left when he was only six months old because it was just too damn cold. He turned his back on a promising career in television when he discovered computers. He has worked in learning systems, small business systems, office automation, games, interactive music, multimedia, location-based entertainment, social systems, and programming languages.
He is the inventor of Tilton, the ugliest programming language that was not specifically designed to be an ugly programming language. He is best known for having discovered that there are good parts in JavaScript. This was an important and unexpected discovery. He discovered the JSON Data Interchange Format. He is currently working on making the web a secure and reliable software delivery platform. He has his work cut out for him.

DevIntersection Speaker Kathleen Dollard

Kathleen Dollard, .NET Coach, Crystal MEF Lab

Kathleen Dollard is .NET Coach for Crystal MEF Lab. She has been a Microsoft MVP since 1998 and has given hundreds of speeches around the world. She has worked extensively with compositional architectures in relation to specific development platforms. Her experience includes HTML5/Javascript, Silverlight, and WPF in both C# and Visual Basic. She's interested in making core .NET technologies available to all coders to enable them to write better software faster. Her newest adventures include Windows Azure and SQL Azure. Kathleen is also a long-time advocate of generative techniques and is the author of Code Generation in Microsoft .NET (from Apress). She has published numerous articles on a range of .NET technologies. Kathleen is active in the Northern Colorado .NET SIG, the Denver Visual Studio User Group, and the Northern Colorado Architect's Group.

DevIntersection Speaker Carl Franklin

Carl Franklin, .NET Rocks / Franklins.net

Carl Franklin has been a figurehead in the VB community since the very early days when he wrote for Visual Basic Programmers Journal. He authored the Q&A column of that magazine as well as many feature articles for VBPJ and other magazines. He has authored two books for John Wiley & Sons on sockets programming in VB, and in 1994 he helped create the very first web site for VB developers, Carl & Garys VB Home Page.
Carl is also the MSDN Regional Director for Connecticut, an MVP for Visual Basic, host of .NET Rocks! and Mondays, and CEO of Pwop Productions, which provides podcasting services.
Carl is also an accomplished musician and audio/video producer. He started Pwop Studios in 1999 as a record label for his first album, a collaboration with his brother Jay: Strange Communication. Carl's other band, Solvo, is a funk/jazz/blues/rock band. Solvo is Latin for ''to set free or unbind.''

DevIntersection Speaker Jeff Fritz

Jeff Fritz, ASP.NET Developer Evangelist, Telerik

Jeffrey T. Fritz is an ASPInsider and Developer Evangelist for Telerik with over 15 years of experience building large-scale multi-tenant web applications in the software-as-a-service model. He is a Penn State graduate with a degree in Management Sciences and Information Systems, and speaks regularly at developer events through the INETA speaker program. Most recently, you can find him writing about ASP.Net in MSDN Magazine and CodeProject. He is currently producing Pluralsight videos about ASP.Net application design and architecture.

Twitter: @csharpfritz

DevIntersection Speaker Brady Gaster

Brady Gaster, Windows Azure Technical Evangelist, Microsoft

Brady Gaster is a Windows Azure Technical Evangelist with Microsoft who focuses on helping web developers understand the benefits of using Windows Azure to develop and host their web applications and APIs. With a career focus on the .NET Framework and an aspiration to find new and exciting ways to use it, Brady has worked in a variety of industries as a web developer, service-oriented middleware developer, and .NET trainer. His recent interests involve connecting devices like the Kinect, Netduino, and robotics platforms to Windows Azure to demonstrate the powerful combination of physical and cloud computing platforms. He also enjoys finding creative ways to use SignalR, the groundbreaking open-source persistent HTTP abstraction.

DevIntersection Speaker Joe Guadagno

Joe Guadagno

Joe has been in software development for about 15 years. He started out with a small book on QuickBASIC, then moved the Visual Basic for DOS, then Visual Basic for Windows, then Visual Basic .NET and eventually Visual C#. When he is not working at his full time job, he donates his time to several community efforts like:
- Being the Vice President of INETA North America.
- President of the Southeast Valley .NET User Group (SEVDNUG) in Chandler, AZ.
- Serving on his City's Parks and Recreation board.
Joe has or has had the following "MVP" awards:
- Visual Basic MVP in 1996
- C# MVP since 2009
- Telerik MVP since 2010

Blog: http://www.josephguadagno.net
Twitter: @jguadagno
Email: jguadagno@hotmail.com

DevIntersection Speaker Steve Guggenheimer

Steve Guggenheimer, Corporate Vice President of Microsoft's Developer & Platform Evangelism (DPE) Group, Microsoft

Steve Guggenheimer is corporate vice president of Microsoft's Developer & Platform Evangelism (DPE) group, responsible for enabling the development of industry leading applications and services globally across devices. As Microsoft's Chief Evangelist, Steve has spoken at events around the world showcasing and announcing the latest software, services and devices. His deep knowledge of technology and passion for enabling new experiences mixed with his down to earth style make him a trusted voice in the technology industry. When he isn't evangelizing the latest apps or devices, he enjoys rugby matches and cheering on his hometown Seattle Seahawks.

Steve was previously the CVP of the OEM Division where he oversaw management of Microsoft's relationships with the makers of PCs, tablets, embedded systems and other devices. Before that, he was focused on Microsoft's cross-company Application Platform strategy and has worked on and managed a variety of Microsoft product initiatives, including Windows 95 and Windows 98 Microsoft Internet Explorer 2.0, 3.0 and 4.0 WebTV MSN Microsoft SQL Server Visual Studio and BizTalk Server. Steve joined the company in 1993. Before coming to Microsoft, he was at Spectra-Physics Inc., where he helped develop and market new lasers and laser technologies for 5 years.

Steve Guggenheimer received a bachelors degree in applied physics from the University of California, Davis, and a masters degree in engineering management from Stanford University. He lives in Seattle with his wife and two children and also serves on the board of The Moyer Foundation, which helps provide for children in distress, and recently formed "The Guggenheimer Family Foundation" with his wife Nikki, which raises funds for full-time oncology social work services at Swedish Hospital.

DevIntersection Speaker Scott Guthrie

Scott Guthrie, Executive Vice President, Microsoft Cloud and Enterprise group, Microsoft

As executive vice president of the Microsoft Cloud and Enterprise group, Scott Guthrie is responsible for the company's cloud infrastructure, server, database, management and development tools businesses. His engineering team builds Microsoft Azure, Windows Server, SQL Server, Active Directory, System Center, Visual Studio and .NET.
Prior to leading the Cloud and Enterprise group, Guthrie helped lead Microsoft Azure, Microsoft's public cloud platform. Since joining the company in 1997, he has made critical contributions to many of Microsoft's key cloud, server and development technologies and was one of the original founders of the .NET project. Guthrie graduated with a bachelor's degree in computer science from Duke University. He lives in Seattle with his wife and two children.

DevIntersection Speaker Scott Hanselman

Scott Hanselman, Principal Community Architect for Web Platform and Tools, Microsoft

Scott Hanselman works for Microsoft as Principal Community Architect for Web Platform and Tools, aiming to spread the good word about developing software, most often on the Microsoft stack. Before this he was the Chief Architect at Corillian Corporation, now a part of Checkfree. For 6+ years and before that he was a Principal Consultant at STEP Technology for nearly 7 years. He was also involved in a few things Microsoft-related like the MVP and RD programs and will speak about computers (and other passions) whenever someone will listen to him. He's written in a few books, most recently with Bill Evjen and Devin Rader on Professional ASP.NET.

Blog: http://www.hanselman.com
Podcasts: http://www.hanselminutes.com and http://www.thisdeveloperslife.com.

DevIntersection Speaker Sayed Hashimi

Sayed Hashimi, Microsoft

Sayed Ibrahim Hashimi has a computer engineering degree from the University of Florida. He works at Microsoft as a program manager, creating better web development tools. Previously, he was a Microsoft Visual C# MVP. Sayed has written four book on MSBuild, http://msbuildbook.com and keep a blog at http://sedodream.com

DevIntersection Speaker Billy Hollis

Billy Hollis, Next Version Systems

Billy Hollis is a software designer and developer, with a contrarian streak that often challenges conventional wisdom in the industry. He has a consulting practice in Nashville, Tennessee USA. He and team focus on user experience design, advanced user interface development, rules-based architectures, and healthcare systems. He teaches design classes for UX and technical classes on XAML and Windows 8. Unlike many instructors, he can usually keep you awake for the entire class.

DevIntersection Speaker Tim Huckaby

Tim Huckaby, CEO, InterKnowlogy

Tim Huckaby is focused on the Natural User Interface (NUI)- Touch, Gesture, and Neural in Rich Client Technologies like HTML5, Silverlight, WPF, & IOS on a broad spectrum of devices that include computers, tablets, the Surface, the Kinect, and mobile devices.
Tim has been called a "Pioneer of the Smart Client Revolution" by the press. Tim has been awarded many times for the highest rated technical presentations and keynotes for Microsoft and many other technology conferences around the world. Tim is consistently rated in the top 10% of all speakers at these events. Tim has been on stage with, and done numerous keynote demos for many Microsoft executives including Bill Gates and Steve Ballmer.
Tim founded InterKnowlogy, experts in Microsoft .NET and Microsoft Platforms, in 1999 and Actus Interactive Software in 2011 and has 30+ years of experience including serving on a Microsoft product team as a development lead on an architecture team on a Server Product. Tim is a Microsoft Regional Director, an Microsoft MVP and serves on multiple Microsoft councils and boards like the Microsoft .NET Partner Advisory Council.

DevIntersection Speaker Denise R. Jacobs

Denise R. Jacobs

Denise R. Jacobs is a regarded expert in Web Design and is an industry veteran with over 14 years of experience. She is now doing what she likes best: being a Speaker + Writer + Web Design Consultant + Creativity Evangelist who writes, speaks on, teaches, and coaches creativity, productivity, and innovation to both organizations and individuals in the business context. Denise is the author of The CSS Detective Guide, the premier book on troubleshooting CSS code and co-author to the Smashing Book #3: Redesign the Web and InterAct with Web Standards and has presented and lectured at conferences and organizations such as South By Southwest, the BBC, The Future of Web Design, Paris-Web . From her own experience of embracing and expressing her creativity as well as helping hundreds of students do the same, she is passionate about evangelizing ways to make the creative process better, easier, and more fluid. Through her presentations and workshops, articles and books, she teaches big concepts leading to ''ahas'' that translate into immediate actions, practices and skills to transform all parts of people's lives with focused creativity.

DevIntersection Speaker Phil Japikse

Phil Japikse

An international speaker, Microsoft MVP, MCSD, CSM, and CSP, and a passionate member of the developer community, Phil Japikse has been working with .NET since the first betas, developing software for over 30 years, and heavily involved in the agile community since 2005. Phil serves as the Lead Director for the Cincinnati .Net User&rsquos Group and the Cincinnati Software Architect Group, co-hosts the Hallway Conversations podcast (www.hallwayconversations.com), founded the Cincinnati Day of Agile, and volunteers for the National Ski Patrol. Phil is a frequent speaker all over the world, from User Groups and Meet ups to large scale conferences. You can follow Phil on twitter via www.twitter.com/skimedic and read his blogs at http://blogs.telerik.com/skimedic and www.skimedic.com/blog.

DevIntersection Speaker Michael Krasowski

Michael Krasowski, Vice President of Development, PDSA, Inc.

Michael is Vice President of Development at PDSA, Inc. and brings over 34 years of Information Technology experience to bear at his position. Prior to joining the PDSA team, Michael was the Director of Information Technology at the Long Beach division of Boeing. He was responsible for all aspects of computing - strategic planning, architecture, application lifecycle, asset management, and outsource management - where he managed a budget of over $90 million dollars and 140+ people.
Michael's responsibilities at PDSA are to manage all projects and personnel while ensuring quality services are delivered on time and on budget to our valued clients. He has been instrumental in defining and executing a solid internal business and engineering process to ensure quality services.
Michael also has been an instructor at UCLA and University of California, Irvine's extension program since 1985. He has instructed the following courses: Microsoft .NET technologies, Advanced Visual Basic, and Relational/Distributed Database Management and Design and other courses.
Michael holds a Bachelor's Degree in Mathematics and a Master's Degree in Computer Science from UCLA, and has published several articles on project management, database management, SQL Server and Visual Basic. Michael has been a speaker at industry conferences, such as Advisor's conferences, DevConnections, Code Camp and Informant conferences.

DevIntersection Speaker Kris Lankford

Kris Lankford, Technical Project Manager - Developer Tools, Microsoft

Kris Lankford is a Senior Product Manager for the Visual Studio ALM solution at Microsoft. This job keeps him on the go and engaged with customers to ensure the product meets the need of the next generation of development and test. Kris has more than fifteen years of experience in the software/IT Industry spanning engineering, leading agile teams, lean startups, ALM consulting/solutions, and product management. Through his experience Kris has introduced teams to quality enablement through both automated and manual testing to improve software quality. When he is not thinking about how to make the software world a better place - He likes to bike, ski, hike and do other outdoor activities with his family.

DevIntersection Speaker Rob Lefferts

Rob Lefferts, Director of Program Management for the Office APPS Team, Microsoft

Rob Lefferts, Director of Program Management for the Office APPS team, is responsible for the development and engineering for the Office Developer Platform, Access and Project teams, part of the Microsoft Office Division, focusing on the end-to-end developer and apps experience for the Office and SharePoint ecosystem. Prior to this role, Rob was the Group Program Manager for the SharePoint Base and Windows SharePoint Services teams, where his responsibilities included leadership for technical and strategic directions for the SharePoint business. Rob has been at Microsoft since 1997 and was part of the original core team for SharePoint Portal server. Rob holds a BS and MS from Carnegie Mellon in Pittsburgh, PA.

DevIntersection Speaker Jesse Liberty

Jesse Liberty, Master Consultant, Falafel Software

Jesse Liberty is a Master Consultant for Falafel Software, an author and he creates courses for Pluralsight. Liberty hosts the popular Yet Another Podcast and his blog is required reading. He was a Senior Evangelist for Microsoft, a XAML Evangelist for Telerik, a Microsoft MVP, Distinguished Software Engineer at AT&T, Software Architect for PBS and Vice President of Information Technology at Citibank. Jesse can be followed on twitter at @JesseLiberty.

DevIntersection Speaker Paul Litwin

Paul Litwin, Fred Hutchinson Cancer Research Center

Paul Litwin is a developer specializing in ASP.NET, C#, SQL Server, and related technologies. Paul is a Programing Manager with Fred Hutchinson Cancer Research Center in Seattle where he leads a programming group providing custom application development to support research in cancer and AIDS. Paul has authored a number of books and training courses on ASP.NET, SQL Server, and Microsoft Access. He is a Microsoft ASP.NET MVP and ASP.NET Insider. For a number of years, Paul and his wife Suzanna have led Seattle GiveCamp, an annual charitable hackathon.

DevIntersection Speaker Juval Lowy

Juval Lowy, Founder, IDesign, Inc.

Juval Lowy is the founder of IDesign and a master software architect specializing in system and project design. Juval has mentored hundreds of architects across the globe, sharing his insights, techniques, and breakthroughs, in architecture, project design, development process, and technology. Juval is Microsoft's Regional Director for the Silicon Valley and had participated in the Microsoft internal strategic design reviews for C#, WCF and related technologies. Juval is a frequent speaker at the major international software development conferences. Juval published several bestsellers, and his latest book is the third edition of Programming WCF Services (O'Reilly 2010). Juval published numerous articles, regarding almost every aspect of modern software development and architecture. Microsoft recognized Juval as a Software Legend as one of the world's top experts and industry leaders.

Website: www.idesign.net

DevIntersection Speaker Elijah Manor

Elijah Manor, Senior Front-End Developer, Lampo Group

Elijah Manor is a Christian and a family man. He develops at The Lampo Group (@DaveRamsey) as a Senior Front-End Developer. He is a Microsoft Regional Director, Microsoft ASP.NET MVP, ASPInsider, and an IE userAgent. He enjoys blogging at http://elijahmanor.com and tweeting (@elijahmanor) about the things he learns.

DevIntersection Speaker Nik Molnar

Nik Molnar, Glimpse

Nik Molnar is a New Yorker, Microsoft MVP, ASP Insider and co-founder of Glimpse, an open source diagnostics and debugging tool. Originally from Florida, Nik specializes in web development, web APIs and community management. In his spare time, Nik can be found creating modernist cuisine, hanging with his wife, speaking at conferences, and working on other open source projects.

DevIntersection Speaker Brian Noyes

Brian Noyes, CTO and Architect, Solliance, Inc.

Brian Noyes is CTO and Architect at Solliance (www.solliance.net), an expert technology solutions development company. Brian is a Microsoft Regional Director and MVP, and frequent speaker at conferences worldwide including DevIntersection, Microsoft TechEd US, Europe, Asia, and Africa, DevConnections, DevTeach, VSLive! and others. Brian is author of Developers Guide to Microsoft Prism 4, Data Binding with Windows Forms 2.0, Smart Client Deployment with ClickOnce, Developing Applications with Windows Workflow Foundation, and dozens of articles in magazines and online publications. Brian got started programming as a hobby while flying F-14 Tomcats in the U.S. Navy, later turning his passion for software into his current career.

Blog: http://briannoyes.net
Twitter: @briannoyes

DevIntersection Speaker John Papa

John Papa

John Papa is a well-known development expert and is a former Sr Technical Evangelist for Microsoft for Windows 8 and Silverlight. John was formerly a Microsoft Silverlight MVP,INETA speaker, and member of the WPF and Silverlight Insiders. John, author of 70+ articles and 10 books, He can often be found speaking around the world at industry conferences such as Build, MIX, PDC, TechEd, VSLive and DevIntersection, and while at Microsoft he was the host of the popular show Silverlight TV on Channel 9.

Twitter: @john_papa

DevIntersection Speaker Brian Randell

Brian Randell, MCW Technologies, LLC

Brian A. Randell is a partner with MCW Technologies, LLC and a Microsoft ALM MVP. Brian spends his time between teaching Microsoft technologies to developers, working with new and emerging technologies, and consulting worldwide for clients that that range from large Fortune 100 business to state governments to small businesses. In 2010 and 2012, Brian and his team built samples and demonstration content for Microsoft to be used for their worldwide launch activities for Visual Studio and Team Foundation Server. Brian enjoys helping people get the most out of their software. He does this through training and speaking at events such as TechEd and and the event formally known as PDC. In addition, Brian shares through the written word. He is has written articles for MSDN magazine, MSDN Online and other publications. Brian is also a member of Pluralsight's technical staff. As a father of two, Brian enjoys spending time with his kids and lovely wife of more than 17 years.

blog: http://www.mcwtech.com//blogs/brianr/
twitter: @brianrandell.

DevIntersection Speaker Pranav Rastogi

Pranav Rastogi, Microsoft

Pranav Rastogi has a Master's degree in Computer Science from University Of Florida and he is currently working on the awesome web technologies coming out from Microsoft. He has been working with the Microsoft Web Platform for the last 4 years and has seen the light for Visual Studio 2008/2010/VS11 Preview along with the wonderful enhancements in ASP.NET v3.5/v4.0/v4.5/WebForms/WebPages/MVC. He writes about his experiences on web development on his blog http://blogs.msdn.com/b/pranav_rastogi/ and can be followed on twitter @rustd.

DevIntersection Speaker Rolando Jimenez Salgado

Rolando Jimenez Salgado, Lead Program Manager, Office Development Platform, Microsoft

Rolando is a Lead Program Manager in the Office Development Platform team leading the investments in contextual experiences inside Office clients (a.k.a. Apps for Office) as well as in providing building blocks for developers (a.k.a. Office Web Widgets). He joined Office in 2005 and since then his focus has been on developer tools, programmability and system integration frameworks. In Office 2013, he led the new apps for Office framework as part of the Office 365 cloud app model. He led the developer story for the new Business Connectivity Services in Office and SharePoint 2010 and also contributed features for external data integration like External Lists and External Content Types. Before joining the Office division, he worked on various Microsoft business solution products including Duet for Microsoft Office, Dynamics AX, Dynamics GP and the Microsoft Business Network.

DevIntersection Speaker Jay Schmelzer

Jay Schmelzer, Director of Program Management on the Visual Studio Team, Microsoft

Jay Schmelzer is a Director of Program Management on the Visual Studio Team at Microsoft. Jay and his team are responsible for the Visual Studio design-time tools and runtime components used to build line-of-business and cloud applications. That includes the Visual Studio support for building Microsoft Office, Microsoft SharePoint and Windows Azure solutions, Visual Studio LightSwitch, Microsoft's managed languages (VB.NET, C# and F#) as well as the CLR and .NET Framework. Prior to joining Microsoft, Jay was a partner with a leading consulting firm and specialized in the design and development of enterprise applications.

DevIntersection Speaker Paul D. Sheriff

Paul D. Sheriff, President, PDSA, Inc.

Paul D. Sheriff is the President of PDSA, Inc., a Microsoft Partner in Southern California. Paul acts as the Microsoft Regional Director for Southern California assisting the local Microsoft offices with Developer Days and several of their large events each year. Paul has authored literally hundreds of books, webcasts, videos and articles on .NET, WPF, Silverlight, Windows Phone and SQL Server. You can reach Paul via email at PSheriff@pdsa.com. Check out Paul's new code generator 'Haystack' at www.CodeHaystack.com.

Website: www.pdsa.com www.CodeHaystack.com

DevIntersection Speaker Zoiner Tejada

Zoiner Tejada, CEO and Architect, Solliance

Zoiner Tejada (zoinertejada@solliance.net) is CEO and Architect at Solliance, providing architectural guidance and expert solution implementation support to enterprises and startups leveraging cutting edge technologies from Microsoft. He is passionate about leveraging cloud technologies and Windows Azure services to build web-based solutions that run at scale. He is a Windows Azure MVP, an advisor to Microsoft, and enjoys engaging the greater community by speaking at conferences and user group meetings, as well as via his book Programming Microsoft's Clouds (Wrox) and Pluralsight online courses. He has a degree in computer science from Stanford University.

Website: www.solliance.net

DevIntersection Speaker Anthony  van der Hoorn

Anthony van der Hoorn, Glimpse

Anthony van der Hoorn is a co-founder of Glimpse, and a regular speaker on such topics as Open Source, Web Practices and Diagnostics for the Web.

Anthony has specializing in web and front end development with technologies such as JavaScript, CSS, and HTML. He has bounced between living and working New York City and his home town of Brisbane, Australia - he's back in the USA at the moment. Anthony previously worked in the Financial Services sector developing high frequency trading systems and, in his spare time, he can be found out and about taking photos, speaking at conferences, and working on other Open Source projects.

DevIntersection Speaker Bill Wagner

Bill Wagner

Bill's technical time is spent between curly braces, primarily with C#. His technical areas of focus are C#, .NET, TypeScript. His other, non-coding passion is to help organizations build effective, high-functioning developer teams. Bill is the author of the best selling ''Effective C#,'' now in its second edition, and ''More Effective C#.''
He has created LiveLessons on Async programming in C# and C# Puzzlers. His articles have appeared in MSDN Magazine, the C# Developer Center, Visual C++ Developer's Journal, Visual Studio Magazine, ASP.NET Pro, .NET Developer's Journal and more. He's written hundreds of technical articles for software developers. He actively blogs about technical and business topics.
Bill is also a regional director for Microsoft. In addition to his business and technical accomplishments, Bill works with the Humanitarian Toolbox to create software that supports disaster relief efforts in times of natural disasters. You can reach Bill at http://thebillwagner.com.

DevIntersection Speaker Dan Wahlin

Dan Wahlin, Wahlin Consulting

Dan Wahlin (Microsoft Most Valuable Professional for ASP.NET and XML Web Services) is the founder of The Wahlin Group (http://www.TheWahlinGroup.com) which provides .NET, SharePoint and Silverlight consulting and training services. Dan also founded the XML for ASP.NET Developers Web site (www.XMLforASP.NET), which focuses on using XML, ADO.NET and Web Services in Microsoft's .NET platform and runs the http://www.smartwebcontrols.com website. He's also on the INETA Speaker's Bureau and speaks at several conferences. Dan coauthored Professional Windows DNA (Wrox), ASP.NET: Tips, Tutorials and Code (Sams), ASP.NET 1.1 Insider Solutions, ASP.NET 2.0 MVP Hacks, Professional ASP.NET 2.0 AJAX, Professional Silverlight 2 for ASP.NET Developers, Professional ASP.NET 3.5 AJAX and authored XML for ASP.NET Developers (Sams). When he's not writing code, articles or books, Dan enjoys writing and recording music and playing golf and basketball.

Website: www.TheWahlinGroup.com